Unlock the power of influencer marketing

We match you with multiple influencers who fit your brand personality to promote your brand on over 50 social platforms in order to reach your growth target.

Why Influencer Marketing?

Want millions of people to learn about your business? You’re in the right place. Influencers are this generation’s storytellers, telling product stories in a way that no one else can. Their audience trusts them and looks to them for advice on the newest products, brands and services. With close to 3 hours spent on social network daily and 60% ad-blocking usage, influencer marketing is the answer to reach millennials and GenZ at scale.

AI Powered Audience Matching

Our AI-powered marketing platform automatically matches the best influencers with your business. This results in savings of up to 80% of your time in finding the right influencers. Twidium has influencers on over 30 major internet platforms, not just Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With deep platform-to-platform integration, we are also able to match geographic, psychographic and performance characteristics of influencers and their audience to your goals.

Tell your story with real people

Don’t spend marketing $ on fake followers! Twidium automatically analyze influencers for their % suspicious followers. Take your influencer marketing campaigns to the next level by verifying the authenticity of those influencers. Our curated audience metrics will bring you the certainty you need to align your target customers with an influencer’s audience.

How Twidium Works

1. Create campaign 

Follow the steps and enter information about your brand, target audience and your budget.

2. AI matchmaking

Our AI-powered marketing platform automatically matches the best influencers with your business.

3. Get result

Now sit back and check out influencers deliver your brand endorsement through the dashboard.


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