Facebook Users Are Richer Than Twitter Users, Study Finds.

The rapidly growing Twitter can potentially put some serious pressure on the now dominant Facebook. We don’t yet know when it’s going to happen, but some observations can already be made. 

Here is a list of bizarre facts to compare Facebook and Twitter users according to research of the Digital Marketing Agency:

  • Facebook users follow brands more actively than their Twitter counterparts (40% vs. 25%).

  • A little over a half of Twitter users update their statuses on a daily basis. In Facebook, only one tenth of its users do it 
    so often (52% vs. 12%).

  • 30% of Facebook users access their accounts from mobile devices. For Twitter, this value is 37%.

  • 70% of Facebook users live outside the US, as opposed to 60% for Twitter.

  • The average income of a Facebook user is nearly 1.5 times higher than that of an average Twitter user.

  • The number of students among Twitter users is almost 2 times higher than on Facebook (48% vs. 28%).

  • Twitter users update their status 3 times more often than Facebook users.

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