Program for clever mass following Twidium Inviter, for automating filling of accounts Twidium Accounter and Twidium Keeper are distributed as shareware. This means you can use it free for a period of 15 days. After that you should buy license or uninstall the program from your computer.

All our programs compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven.


Program name

Release date

File size

Twidium Inviter 5.5.3new

11 April 2014

6,0 Mb


Twidium Accounter 3.7.3 new
24 March 2014
4,6 Mb
Twidium Keeper 1.5.2 new

4 April 2014

4,8 Mb



  When the download is successful, run the downloaded file by double-clicking it. You can see the following message:

Click button "Run". After this you can see the following message:

Click button "Yes". Our software is absolutely safe for your computer and has digital signature that cannot be forged.






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